Child protection and safeguarding

HCYB is managed by the Local Authority and is therefore guided by Hampshire County Council Child Protection and Safeguarding Policies.  Click on the active links to read HCC guidance.  All family volunteers who assist on HCYB residential trips and events are DBS vetted by HCC.
The HCYB Association (HCYBA) is a charity set up to support the activities of the band and from time to time, under the aegis of HCYBA, parent volunteers assist in the management of band events and activities.  
HCYBA takes the view that all parents volunteering to assist the bands need to be made aware of the principles and protocol underlying the HCC policies and to this end the two documents below represent the HCYB Association view on how these principles apply to volunteers.  During 2015 HCYBA has run an introductory session to explain these procedures and will continue to do so.  To ensure that all parents/family members/carers may inform themselves, these documents are posted below.  If any queries arise please address them to our safeguarding officer via the Association email address:

Model policy

Safeguarding procedures